what is your r number?

Written by Dan

Dan is the founder and Creative Director of dmb films.

28 August 2020

What is your R-Number?

We’ve all heard of the R-Number, but what if we replace ‘reproduction’ with ‘recommendation’ and look at it in the context of business…?

Recommendations have long been known to be one of the most powerful ways of acquiring new customers, growing your audience and measuring the happiness of those who you currently target.

Those in the know consistently harness the power of recommendations to benefit their business, campaign or messaging. 

In the context of Covid-19 the R-Number has helped people focus and understand the virality of Coronavirus, whilst also providing a measure to benchmark the current level of threat. 

If we adopt the R-Rate concept in business, it can provide a completely different mindset for a variety of things including business development, employee engagement and customer service. 

Recommendations work because they are personal and are based on the lived experience of the person giving them. They also do your work as a marketer, internal comms specialist, L&D manager or business owner for you – you’ll no longer need to focus on getting people to engage with your brand or content as you’ll have an army of advocates doing this for you. 

If you focus on developing engaging content, delivering high quality products and a fantastic service that encourages your audiences to recommend you to more than one person, it will lead to exponential growth! 

You could even take that a step further and capture these recommendations and use them as endorsements for your products, training program or idea. Testimonials whether they are written or video based can amplify the power of an individual’s recommendation. 

So, what is your R-Number and how are you going to increase it to drive exponential growth in your business?


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