My name's Dan and I started DMB Films in 2016 as an output of my passion for creativity and filming. I have always worked in the Corporate world and have been a hobbyist videographer and so setting up DMB was about giving me a channel to express my creativity and turn my hobby into a lifestyle.

Since them DMB Films has grown into something much bigger and now operates on a global scale. I now have a team working with me and together we offer motion graphics, animation, photography and graphic design.

The company's roots are in film and we specilaise in creating social media video marketing campaigns and strategies for clients and our work spans a whole range of clients from big corporates to sole traders and from large music festivals to couples' wedding days.

Whatever the project our number one priority is to work with you to bring your idea to life and help you tell your story. We achieve this by working closely with you as a team and not settling for anything less than perfection.

If you want to find out more or talk further, please do get in touch.